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We want to support you as best as we can. Please note who should deal with your issue from the list below and then see the table for their contact details.

Attendance issues – your base school’s sixth form attendance officer
Understanding the reports – your base school’s relevant Head of Year
Contacting a subject teacher – use the contact form below and we will forward it to the relevant subject teacher and head of year.
Details about a LaSWAP trip – use the contact form below with brief details of the trip and subject/teacher.

Directors and Heads of Sixth

For enquiries about specific schools, please contact:

La Sainte Union School

Highgate Road, London NW5 1RP
Sixth Form: 020 7428 4620
Main school number: 020 7428 4600
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Director of Sixth: Charles Gulliford
Head of Year 12: Rebecca Field
Head of Year 13:Neil Hinnem

Sixth Form Admin: (020 7428 4620)
Exams Officer: Lynn Noonan (020 7428 4603)
Attendance Officer: Rita O’Mahoney   (020 7428 4600)

Designated safeguarding leads: Fiona Stone


Acland Burghley Sixth Form

Burghley Road, London NW5 1UJ
Sixth Form: 020 7485 8515 ext 4061
Main school number: 020 7485 8515
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Director of Sixth: Anna Rimington
Head of Year 12: Ron Stokes
Head of Year 13: Ron Stokes
Sixth Form Admin: Linda Lyons (020 7485 8515 ext 4061)
Exams Officer:  Silvia Sevilla
Attendance Officer: Laura Stanley (020 7485 8515 etx: 4030/4061)

Designated safeguarding leads: Martha Collins


William Ellis Sixth Form

Highgate Road, London NW5 1RN
Sixth Form: 020 7482 9829 
Main school number: 020 7267 9346
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Director of Sixth: Oliver Wharton
Head of Year 12: Andrew Mangham
Head of Year 13: Caroline Smith

Joint Sixth Centre Manager: Lizzy Avery 020 7482 9829

Exams Officer: Azad Khan

Attendance Officer: Polly Dowell 020 7482 9820

Designated safeguarding leads: Bernie Lane


Parliament Hill Sixth Form

Highgate Road, London NW5 1RL
Sixth Form: 020 7482 9829 
Main school number: 020 7485 7077
see map

Director of Sixth: Ella Schlesinger
Head of Year 12: Rebecca Russell
Head of Year 13: Stephen Jones

Joint Sixth Centre Manager: Lizzy Avery 020 7482 9829

Exams Officer: Mark Murray

Attendance Officer: Polly Dowell 020 7482 9820

Designated safeguarding leads: Sandra Poole



General enquiries and admissions:

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LaSWAP Sixth Form Consortium
Highgate Road

LaSWAP Admin Office Tel: 020 7692 4157

LaSWAP Director: Georgina Atkinson
LaSWAP Administration Manager: Myrtle De Souza