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General qualifications for your chosen pathway (see What to study/LaSWAP pathways)

8 or above in mathematics

Further maths A level is a double A level including maths modules and further maths modules. The Further maths qualification is an A level that incorporates 6 additional maths modules as below. Please also see the maths A level course description for the maths modules.



  • * Pure mathematics covers more advanced topics in algebra, calculus, trigonometry, geometry and vectors and numerical methods. These involve concepts such as scalar and cross product of vectors with application to 3-dimensional space, different co-ordinate systems, and solutions of a range of differential equations, hyperbolic functions, matrices and mathematical induction. Content is divided over three modules FP1, FP2 and FP3.

    * Mechanics covers relative motion, collisions, more complex motion in one dimension, stability, application of vectors in mechanics, variable mass, moments of inertia of a rigid body and rotation of a rigid body. The content is covered in module M2.

    * Statistics covers the binomial and Poisson distributions, continuous random variables, continuous distributions, samples and hypothesis tests and consists of the S2 unit, and possibly also the S3 as an option

    * Decision maths studies networks, algorithms for making optimum choices about routes and pathways, and linear programming for maximising efficiency and profits.



Further maths broadens your mathematical skills and promotes deeper mathematical thinking. You will be introduced to interesting new areas of pure mathematics such as complex numbers and apply mathematics in a wider range of contexts.


Units Type of Assessment Duration Weighting
fFP1 Examination in Y12 90 minutes 1/6
D1 Examination in Y12 90 minutes 1/6
S2 Examination in Y12 90 minutes 1/6
FP2 Examination in Y13 90 minutes 1/6
FP3 Examination in Y13 90 minutes 1/6
S3 or M2 or D2 Examination in Y13 90 minutes 1/6


In summer of Y12 students take examinations in Further Pure 1, Decision Maths 1 and Statistics 2 (which complements Statistics 1 which is studied as part of the normal A-Level Maths course). In the Summer of Year 13 June students will be examined in 2 more Further Pure modules (FP2 and FP3) and a 3rd applied unit of either Statistics 3, Mechanics 2 (studied alongside Mechanics 1 which is part of normal A-Level Maths), or Decision Maths 2). The choice of 3rd applied unit is flexible and depends upon the preference of the class each year. Each module has a 1 hour 30 minutes exam and may be repeated once only.


Highly regarded by universities for students contemplating mathematics, science or engineering degrees or any course where proven analytic ability is an asset.