performing arts ADVANCED LEVEL 3 (double)


Exam board: EDEXCEL


General qualifications for your chosen pathway (see website What to study/LaSWAP pathways)

Performing art level 2 at distinction (possibly merit) if taken.

An audition in music/drama/dance

Experience in musical theatre (e.g. school production, drama club) is recommended.

Further details will be available as part of your summer assignment work.


You will develop your skills as a musical theatre performer and develop skills in all 3 disciplines – music, dance and drama.

Unit 1: Investigating practitioners’ work

You will investigate the work of performing arts practitioners and develop critical analysis skills and contextual understanding of how practitioners communicate themes in their work.

Unit 2: Developing skills and techniques for live performance

This unit explores technical performance skills with a focus on developing and demonstrating skills and techniques in at least two performance styles within a selected discipline.

Unit 3: Group performance work

This unit explores and integrates creative, physical and vocal skills and techniques, working collaboratively to create a performance in response to a given stimulus.


You will continue to develop your skills as a musical theatre performer and develop skills in all 3 disciplines – music, dance and drama.

 Unit 4: Performing arts in the community

You will develop your knowledge and understanding of performing in the community, applying specialist skills and techniques to a community performance project.

Unit 5: Individual performance commission

You will develop an understanding of how and why work is commissioned and the different purposes of work that is created using this process. You will learn how to respond to a commission, using research and practical exploration and you will develop and shape your ideas into an individual performance.

Unit 6: Final live performance to an audience

This unit covers the practical exploration and application of specialist skills and techniques through the development and rehearsal of a final live performance to an audience.

2 Optional units in music, dance or drama are delivered throughout the 2 years.


Group performance skills and techniques – wider transferable skills are developed such as being able to work collaboratively, personal management and organisation (rehearsals, time management), being able to give and take direction, confidence in front of an audience, problem solving (refining the process) and teamwork (essential when dancing as a group)

Performing arts in the community – learners can look to participate in community projects in order to enhance creative knowledge and opportunities

As possible future performing arts practitioners, learners will gain a good understanding of the work of influential practitioners to inform their own work and practice.

Cognitive and problem-solving skills: critical thinking, approaching non-routine problems & applying expert and creative solutions, using systems and technology.

Intrapersonal skills: communicating, working collaboratively, negotiating and influencing, self-presentation

Interpersonal skills: self-management, adaptability and resilience, self-monitoring and development.


Unit Title

Type of assessment



Investigating Practitioners’ Work External 90 GLH 10%
Developing Skills and Techniques for Live Performance Internal 90 GLH 10%
Group Performance Workshop External 120 GLH 20%
Performing Arts in the Community Internal 90 GLH 10%
Individual Performance Commission External 120 GLH 20%
Final Live Performance to an Audience Internal 90 GLH 10%
Optional Unit 1 Internal 60 GLH 10%
Optional Unit 2 Internal 60 GLH 10%


The qualification encourages talent by offering a genuinely practical approach. The vocational emphasis of this qualification encourages students to apply working methods used by professionals – as individuals, in teams, and with clients, commissioners and audiences.



The Btec Diploma in Performing Arts will give the students the grounding and the skills needed to study performing arts at university. Employment opportunities are opened in the performing arts sector, but the skills and attitude developed on the course will suit all customer focused people careers.