Internal Students

Key Steps for Admissions (for those year 11 students who already attend one of the LaSWAP schools)


All internal students will be given an Open Evening invitation at the beginning of November. You do not need to register for an invitation. 

Your school will also provide you with information about applying to LaSWAP in a special year 11 assembly. You will be given a folder to store all your information.


Use this website to gain information about LaSWAP and the subject courses we run. All have a course description to help you make your decisions. They can be found in the what to study section. 

You will be able to keep any course descriptions you downloaded in the folder your school gives you. Make sure you check the entry requirements for the courses you wish to study. Some subjects will change during this year when new specifications come out, so make sure you check back in March.


Attend the Open Evening in November.

You will be able to talk to teachers and students to ask questions about the subject courses that you are interested in studying. Your school will provide you with all the information you need about the Open Evening.


Complete and submit your LaSWAP application form.

Your school will give you instructions about this.


Your school will arrange for you to discuss your plans and subject choices for LaSWAP.

This will go through your next step plans for after LaSWAP to make sure you choose the right courses for sixth form.


You will receive a conditional offer.

After the discussion, you will be given a conditional offer. It will be conditional on you meeting the entry requirements for your chosen pathway and courses in your GCSE exams.  If you do not hear anything, please contact your school’s sixth form office.


Taster Day

Attend in June.

Your school will invite you to Taster Day. On the day you will be given the chance to take part in some taster lessons and the enrichment fayre. You will also be given some summer assignments to be completed over the summer and submitted in your first lesson. If you do not receive an invitation, please contact your school’s sixth form office.



Attend a meeting after you receive your GCSE results to finalise your choices at LaSWAP.

You will receive an appointment time to attend a meeting where you will discuss your subject choices with a member of the LaSWAP team and be formally enrolled into LaSWAP. These meetings will take place in the last week of August/first week of September. It is expected that you are available during this time to ensure that you can choose the subjects you want. If you do not receive an invitation to a meeting, please contact your school’s sixth form office.