Feedback from some LaSwap university undergraduates

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Natalie Quow
I’m getting on well; I am graduating from Biomed this summer but have an offer from the Institute of Education to do a Chemistry PGCE! I plan on doing teaching and then possibly applying to Graduate entry med in a few years’ time!

Zahura Begum (Johura)
Just had my second year exams and waiting for results. They should be good enough but I know I really need to up my game if I want to get my masters. Next year is going to be tough.

Yin Tong Guo
I am doing very well in the University of Surrey over this last year.

Molly Thompson
I’m in South America at the moment but home in about a month.
Really looking forward to going to Glasgow in September and finally have all my finance and accommodation sorted.

Holly Kitson
I have really enjoyed my first year at Leeds; I definitely chose the right place to study. All the people I have lived with and met on my course are lovely and friendly which is one of the best things about Leeds as a uni and place. I have loved my course too and would recommend Politics at Leeds for others.

Norgenta Lata
I really love Brunel and I’m so happy I enrolled there.

Ameera Hossenaly
I am at SOAS studying Politics and Social Anthropology having taken a gap year. I just finished my first year and waiting for results! I did some voluntary work last summer in Malawi for 3 months.

Iona Sutherland
Things are really good – I finished my art foundation in April so I’ve been working quite a lot just trying to save for uni. Then I’m off to Leeds to do Geography and Sociology in September which I’m really excited about.

Bronwyn Hale
I am getting on well – enjoying and working through summer before my final year, and also awaiting results.

Nina Parker
….taking on law, a degree which has proved intellectually stimulating and thoroughly interesting. My first year at UEA superseded my expectations. Reading law, and living in Norwich has proven to be, definitely, the right choice…for now. I am still unsure as to whether I want to go all the way down the legal path. However, I am hoping to gain a two weeks work placement shadowing a QC Barrister this summer. I feel that the only way to be sure whether a career in law is the right path, is to see the legal world in action.

Grace Annesley-Mair
I have been really well, University has been really great!

Isaac Mundy
Oxford is, well, Oxford, intense in every way but I am getting a lot out of it. I actually injured my writing hand a few weeks ago and so am missing my exams this June and sitting the resits in September (got a cast on my thumb currently), which is annoying but that’s how it goes. Shouldn’t have crashed my BMX in the first place.

Dorcas Pady-Wanzola
I’m getting on okay I guess, I’m really stressed out already, because I’m doing a joint honour degree I’m thinking of dropping one subject. It is really hard but I passed my first year.

Jack Cook
I’m currently doing a Business with Marketing degree at Brighton University and really enjoying it and doing extremely well and hoping to get a first in my first year. I also have the option to change to Business with Economics next year.

Arbenita Lumi
I’m doing well; I finished exams a few weeks ago and I’m going to Kosovo next week for the holidays until September.

Roger Bithinda
I finished my foundation year 2 weeks ago, and I’m now awaiting the results. I am confident that I have done well enough to progress onto first year medicine.
Things are going well, and my determination to become a doctor hasn’t faltered.

Nurjahan Saleque
King’s is great, although pharmacology is stressful but I love it!

Kara Baah
Finished for the summer! Second year went well – passed and went onto my first physiotherapy placement in Hayward’s Heath – intermediate care, really enjoyed it. Looking forward to hearing what the next placement starting 1st of September will be. I’ve been doing boxing on the side on the university team and won gold at BUCCs in the beginning of the year and won gold at the Haringey box cup last weekend.

Emke Brazier
I’ve spent the past year since leaving laswap traveling and working! I actually studied in California for a few months and then on my return home just worked to enjoy the summer.

Michelle Ndegwa
Things are going well on my course; I am currently looking for a placement in Human resource (HRM) for the next academic year.

Jack Clayton
I just finished my first year at Aberystwyth University doing drama – enjoyable so far.

Adam Castle
I’m actually working at Burghley right now in the Art Base as a technician until I go to uni in Edinburgh in Sept for Fine Art.

Rachel French
I have just finished my first year in Plymouth and absolutely loving my course it’s so perfect for me!

Jake Aman Shah: student ambassador @ Keele
I just finished year 2 and now taking time out over the world cup.

Sonia Paganuzzi
My first year at Sussex is now done sadly, but I have loved every minute of it and can’t wait for the next couple of years!
It’s been amazing.

Kaye O’Doherty
I am pretty stressed at the moment as we’re proposing dissertation ideas but hopefully I will find a supervisor I like (and who likes me!) over the next couple of days.

Uni has passed by so quickly. I only have one more year in Durham now and then I’ll be moving back to London.
I was wondering actually how you became an HE advisor? I have no idea what I am going to end up doing but I did quite enjoy the process of applying to uni, going the open days and all. Have you enjoyed doing the job?
I still miss Acland Burghley a bit and all of the friendly staff. I find lecturers a bit of a handful, ha-ha.

Saher Babiker
I’m getting along just fine going into my third year of my LLB at Kingston.

Luwam Mekonen
I get my degree classification on Friday, feeling very nervous/sick about it but that’s to be expected. Fingers crossed for a 2.1!

Ella Goodall
I’m currently in the middle of doing the research for my dissertation at the Natural History Museum!

Mohamed Omar
I finished my internship at ARUP on the 13th June after 9 long but enjoyable months. Ever since I’ve been relaxing and, of course, cycling.

Naomi Oppenheim
… just finished my first year at the University of Leeds studying history – which I am absolutely loving!

Hannah Ajala
I am graduating in September from Goldsmiths University and honestly can’t believe how quickly time has gone!

I have just come back from Ghana after doing a TV Journalism internship with TV3 channel which was incredible; I am adamant about following through with my career path as a journalist and really look forward to what the future has in store for me.

I update my blog quite a bit so have a look whenever:

Jadene Squires
…just finished my first year of uni (scary) and going on holiday for 5 weeks tomorrow around Asia with one of the friends I’ve made there (even scarier!), I’ve been very wrapped up in first, exams and secondly, the holiday planning! As you predicted, despite being certain I’ll finish the course I have no idea what I’ll do with my Biology BSc and am thinking of taking a journalism course afterwards and trying to get into the media!

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