We are an inclusive sixth form that believes in the benefits of a diverse student community.

We have designed pathways to suit most needs, although not everyone will be able to access all pathways. Always remember that our entry requirements are there to make sure your pathway is exactly right for your needs.

Which pathway is best for you?

Simply choose the option below that best matches your GCSE grades and see the pathway choices that LaSWAP can offer you.

Please note, our pathways are designed with a view to ensuring that all students enrolled on them are successful. They have strict entry requirements, therefore, based on GCSE average point scores.

GCSE 7 +

Try four or more A-levels from our choice of 42 subjects. If you aren’t taking maths A-level but gained a 4 or above in your GCSE, consider taking maths studies AS as an additional qualification – it takes up half of the time of an A level. A five A-level package is available for exceptional cases.

4 A levels: minimum of 5 GCSEs at grade 6 and a GCSE APS of 7.0 or above across at least 8 GCSEs.

5 A levels: minimum of 5 GCSEs at grade 6 and a GCSE APS of 8.5 or above across at least 8 GCSEs. The fifth A level will be in English or maths.

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GCSE 7s/6s

You will suit a study programme of three A-levels from our choice of 42 subjects, plus maths studies AS or EPQ (AS) or supported study. This will maintain the right number of A-levels for university, while developing the skills valued by universities and employers. Please note that all A levels have a basic entry requirement of a 4 or above in GCSE English language.

3 A levels: minimum of 4 GCSEs at grade 6 and a GCSE APS of 5.0 or above across at least 8 GCSEs.

3 A levels + 1 AS level: minimum of 4 GCSEs at grade 6 and a GCSE APS of 5.5 or above across at least 8 GCSEs.

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GCSE 6s/5s

You can follow our Advanced Vocational pathway of BTECs, combined with an AS or maths studies (AS). A study programme of supported study plus A-levels from our 42 subjects could suit you – although check the entry requirements for each course as many require a 6. Please note that all A levels have a basic entry requirement of a 4 or above in GCSE English language.

GCSE APS of 5.0 across 8 GCSEs including GCSE English Language.

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The 3 Year 6th Form

An extra year to consolidate your level 2 learning can be the best option before then going on to advanced vocational qualifications for two years. Your next step can then be university or straight into a career.  Think about what you want to do as a career and what your best subject skills are. Then look at all of our level 2 vocational courses. Our guidance interviews will help you decide which course is best for you. You may also wish to consider our 1, 2 or 3 year sport course at the Talacre Sports Centre.

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Pathway and Entry Criteria >

LaSWAP pathways and entry criteria


Strengths in coursework >

Some students perform much better in coursework than exams. If this is you, consider our Advanced Vocational pathway of double BTECs.

Re-sitting English and Maths GCSE >

The Government has said that these are now the most important qualifications in your study programme. If you don’t have a grade 4 or above in either of them, our unique post 16 re-sit timetable lets you fit these courses into whichever pathway you are on.

Advanced Level Vocational Pathways >

You may be qualified for advanced level qualifications and university but not suitable to follow a variety of A-level subjects. If you have mainly 4s and some 6s we provide a BTEC pathway that can be combined with an additional A-level course. If you have 4s and 3s, we offer a pathway of one main vocational subject combined with additional courses, such as re-sits or maths studies AS.

GCSE APS of 5.0 and above: BTEC plus A level

GCSE APS of 4.5 and above: BTEC plus Maths Studies AS or GCSE re-sit.

Sports Education and Training Programme >

All students with an interest in sports coaching and working with young people can follow this comprehensive programme, consisting of Level 1, 2 and 3 qualifications. If successful, students can progress until they achieve the Advanced Level 3 Diploma in Sports Development which leads on to university and/or employment. Watch the Talacre sports course video here to find out more. 

Fantastic news – Luke Heldt has won a Team London Award 2017 for volunteering – see here