Fiona Millar Jul 14

“I have been a LaSWAP Governor for 13 years now but my commitment to LaSWAP comes as much from my experience as a parent of 3 children who benefitted hugely from it. I believe it is what has made them the young people that they are today.

They all kept their strong relationships with their teachers from William Ellis and Parliament Hill Schools.  The broad subject offer from the 4 schools at LaSWAP meant all three could choose the courses that really suited them. The diverse intake and the overall social experience meant they were well prepared for their various university careers.  My eldest son went to Oxford, the next one went to Manchester and the youngest one is studying film practice in London.

Above all they loved LaSWAP and were happy here. The long lasting friendships they made in the sixth form have carried them into adult life and continue to sustain them today. For me, LaSWAP remains the number one choice in this area.”

Fiona Millar, Chair of Governors